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    Full Automation
    of School Processes
    Save time and money
    SERMS helps School Administrators
    improve administration and facilitate processes
    for effectivity and maximum efficiency.
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    Fully Responsive
    & User Friendly
    Built with utmost simplicity
    SERMS is built in a user friendly manner
    easing the interaction between users and the application
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    Guardians Engagement
    Parents can monitor their ward's progress real-time


SERMS comes equipped with the following features and even more...

Admission & Registration

Manage school admission and registration process easily and with utmost simplicity.

Students' Assessment

Explore patterns of students' progress derived from assessment records.

Records Management

Keep track of students' records from start to end of school life-cycle.


Simplified mode of taking and keeping track of students punctuality.


Integrated payment platform for easy collation of payments and accounts reconciliation

Email & SMS Alerts

Reach out to guardians and school administration with a click of a button.


Keep track of your wards' behavioural patterns while away in school.

Technical Support

Contact center services and support team always available to work with you.


SERMS is designed modular in structure and architecture. This means you keep features that you want and discard others you don't need.

  • Guardian Module

    Continually monitor your ward's progress.

  • Admin Module

    Save time and money with a tool to aumate school processes.

  • Teachers Module

    Easy to use platform for teachers to manage students.

  • Student Module

    Student self-service and management portal.


The School Education Records Management System (SERMS) is a combination of web and desktop application specifically designed to help automate school processes with a view to help save time and money as well as help improve administration and facilitate school processes in real time. It is fast and very efficiently covers the needs of a school.

Guardians are able to monitor their ward's progress real-time and are more involved in their academic progress with real and structured data.

The Science

SERMS manages relationships between students, classes, instructors, parents, curriculum and more.

SERMS accomodates the timely collation of data which when analyzed, will enable the school make informed decisions which will boost the quality of education. It will enable our Education System align her processes by managing records and personal data of students in such a way that these Records and Data are readily available for analysis and reports.

The Benefits

  • Easy access to information and students bio-data records
  • Facilitate continuity in the school administration process from primary up to tertiary school
  • Improved service delivery (reduces time needed to perform routine tasks)
  • Detailed data for planning and decision making by school administrators
  • Provide a basis for objective assessment of the state of teaching and learning
  • Easy tracking of payment records and fees balance
  • Swift and easy dissemination of information to stakeholders
  • Guardians' ability to monitor their wards' performance

The Application

  • 100% fully responsive web layout, looks good on any type of device.
  • Intuitive design that is very easy to use.
  • Fully secured.
  • Loosely coupled and highly cohesive in architecture.

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